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A little about me and my blog:
I am a Dominant male with extensive BDSM experience with various sub sluts over the years. This is my growing collection of photos of submissive sluts, whores, fat fuck pigs, sex slaves, nymphomaniacs and sex addicts who completely give in to their wildest, perverse and kinkiest sexual urges - particularly that of submission to a Dominant male. As you can probably tell, I have a fetish for breast bondage and breast abuse. I have somewhat eclectic taste in porn. If I have blogged it or re-blogged it, it either means I like what has been done or is being done to the woman; the imagery somehow turns me on (even if the imagery is extreme and depicts something I may never chose to do myself); or; the woman has something unique about her face or body that makes me WISH I could do nasty things to her. If I re-blog a LOT of photos from your blog, I am not trying to "rip your collection of porn off", I am merely complimenting you for having taste in porn that I appreciate. DISCLAIMER: This blog is not intended to promote rape/violence towards or against women. I have found that there are plenty of women out there who, via CONSENSUAL sex, are more than willing to submit and to be "used and abused" to please you and themselves. The photos and opinions that I re-blog merely turn me on and are not necessarily representative of things that I have done or would do with women. The photos and opinions that I personally post are for entertainment purposes only and are intended for professionals on closed courses. No farm animals were injured or harmed during production of this blog.